Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We have talking about Texas since the beginning of last week and it has really been a lot of fun! We've been talking about the size of our state, where it is located, and the state symbols. We've also had fun reading some fiction books about cowboys, horses, and farms.

One day we talked about how Texans joke that everything is bigger! The kids each came up with their own idea about something that's bigger in Texas!



Today the kids created chili pepper patterns that we hung up in the hallway because they're so darn cute!

Parents have been sending in pictures for the "Name That Texan" activity. The kids will have to see if they can name all their friends by looking at the baby pictures!

In the art station, the kids are creating cowboy sunset silhouette pictures!

Last week we made fingerprint bluebonnets.

We also read Monarch Butterflies by Gail Gibbons and talked about our state insect, the Monarch Butterfly. The kids colored their own monarch butterfly during snack and we added those to our Texas display in the hallway!

We are looking forward to the "Rodeo" on Friday! :)


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