Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fair Share!

This week in math we are learning about sharing a set objects equally amongst two or more smaller sets. We began on Tuesday by reading The Doorbell Rang. The book tells a story of two children who must split their batch up cookies up equally as more and more friends arrive at their door. As we read, we passed out cookies equally to model the happenings in the book.

I happened to be getting observed this day and the kids' enthusiasm about the cookies, although great, was a little overwhelming! We quickly put the cookies away after the book to chat quickly about how the cookies were divided into more and more groups but it was always fair!

To end the lesson, the kids created their own example of a "fair share" using cupcakes!

Today, we continued to practice by playing Kim Adsit's "Let's Share" games! The kids rolled the dice to find the amount of objects in their set, then divided the set for four friends. They recorded their findings on their cute little recording sheets!


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