Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Math Work Station- Chapters 1 and 2

A group of great teacher bloggers are hosting an online book 
study for Debbie Diller's new book :

Although I don't have a true teaching position or classroom of my own, I still like to think I'm a teacher! I've really enjoyed reading Debbie's new book so I thought I would participate in the book study even if my responses are with regard to my dream class and classroom! I just know I'll land a job soon and I'll be super ready to implement math stations! 

 Chapter 1: So What are Math Stations?? 

A math station is an activity that engages students in independent or partner practice of a math skill that has already been introduced and taught. 

DeeDee used different colored stars to allow some students to use
smaller numbers while others can practice with larger numbers.

I feel like the biggest challenge of successful math stations is the differentiation for different leveled learners. In the book she encourages you to make differentiation a part of each and every math tub by varying materials for the levels using a color coded system that students will easily become familiar with. 

Other great ideas from chapter 1:

  • USing overlapping notecards taped to a clipboard to keep anecdotal records for each student. 

Picture from

  • I also love the way she recommends creating the "i can" lists with options for things to do at the station as a class, then taping that very list to the lid of the math station for students to reference. 

Chapter 2: Organize! 

I'm all about the organizing but it is hard to imagine just how I would organize math stations without knowing the space that I will work in! 

However, I really like these ideas for keeping math 
stations organized! 

  • Pocket Charts for Rotation Schedule! 
Idea and Picture from Swamp Frog First Graders!

  • Clear Plastic Tubs for Station Materials

Get them HERE! 

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